Easy Fleet Fueling

Car IQ Pay connects the vehicle to the pump and the vehicle pays – no credit card needed.

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Select pump number

Behind the scenes: Car IQ Pay validates the vehicle , source of funds & activates the pump.

Pump fuel

Behind the scenes: Car IQ Pay activates the pump & sends data to merchant.

Drive away

Behind the scenes: Car IQ Pay re-validates services were received using vehicle data. Real-time settlement with receipt added to vehicle ledger

Spend restrictions

Select or deselect specific merchants, add transaction hour windows, active days and set dollar spend limits.

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Security Re-imagined

Car IQ Pay doesn’t need card lock features like the other guys because we use actual vehicle data to authenticate the vehicle and transaction – this means you know with certainty the correct vehicle is transacting.

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Merchant location and selection

We use vehicle data to route your drivers to the closest gas station wherever they are in the country, saving them drive time and you, money.

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