The Better Way for
Fleets To Pay

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Why use a card?There’s a smarter, more secure way to fuel

Car IQ Pay uses vehicle data to make it easier to find gas stations and pay for fuel without a physical credit card.

Goodbye physical cards The vehicle is the card

We use actual vehicle data: fuel level, odometer reading, location, to validate the vehicle, confirm it is at the gas station and enable it to connect directly to the merchant and pay all without using a credit card.

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Safe and secure Vehicle data = secure payments

We use telematics and vehicle sensor data to know with certainty the vehicles location, how much big its tank is, how much fuel it needs and the exact mileage & more

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Easy to use Find the station closest to you

Through our mobile app, drivers are routed to the nearest gas station where the pump is unlocked based on the vehicle’s unique id creating a contactless payment experience.

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Rules & controls Easy to use spending controls

All it takes is a click of the mouse in our dashboard to choose the merchants where your drivers transact, add day / time controls, set spend limits, and onboard and offboard vehicles.

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