The Better Way
For Fleets To Pay

Driving Payments

Car IQ is the first payment solution developed for fleet vehicles. We enable vehicles to autonomously initiate and complete payments for services such as fuel, tolls, parking and more.

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A New Payment Experience For Fleets

Car IQ's platform makes it easy for fleet managers to onboard vehicles and replace personal credit and debit cards with direct connections from vehicle to financial institution. This creates a secure payment experience, simplifies accounting and eliminates disputes over questionable transactions.

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The Easiest Payment Experience for Fleets

Connect your fleets directly to your preferred service providers. Faster and more secure than having your team check each vehicle, make the phone call, and manually pay for the service.

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A More Secure Way To Pay

Car IQ's dynamic identity verification is the foundation of our proprietary technology KYMSM (Know Your Machine) process. The KYMSM process makes it possible for vehicles to directly request, then validate / revalidate and pay for services rendered.

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