A payment solution for vehicles and fleets

At Car IQ our mission is to create technology that enables vehicles to receive, store and send funds securely. 

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Car IQ has created the first payment solution developed for vehicles and fleets that enables vehicles to transact securely and autonomously with payment networks, banks and merchants. Car IQ’s underlying technology is based on a patented machine identity verification process that allows vehicles and machines to connect to payment networks, physical infrastructures, and mobility platforms. Our payment solution enables vehicles to automatically initiate and complete payments for services such as tolls, fuel, parking and more.  

We designed Car IQ Pay to serve the broad needs of vehicles including fleet managers, automotive OEMs, car sharing services, ride sharing platforms, and commercial fleets.

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Leadership Team

Our team is made up of seasoned professionals with experience in automotive software and hardware technology, payments, SaaS data systems, and big data analytics.

  • Sterling Pratz
    Founder, CEO

  • Khalid El-Awady
    Chief Product Officer

  • Robert M. Wilen
    SVP Finance & Operations

  • Ryan Tabibian
    Chief Technology Officer

  • Sean Lanahan
    VP Customer Success

  • David Sedlacek
    Head of Sales


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