The easiest way to get paid
for vehicle services

With Car IQ's payment platform service providers are assured of receiving payment for services rendered quickly and without dispute. Our technology communicates with any fleet platform to detect service needs, create work orders and initiate service requests to pre-approved service providers. We validate delivery of service and facilitate payments for services rendered between the vehicle and service provider directly.

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How Car IQ Works

Car IQ is the next generation of machine payments. Through our underlying technology, KYM, vehicles are able to transact autonomously with approved service providers.

Car IQ's platform authenticates and verifies each vehicle, this verified identity acts as the authorization for vehicles to transact ensuring dispute free transactions.

Eliminate Fraud and Dispute

As a preferred service provider on our platform payment disputes around services rendered are all but eliminated. Our technology validates delivery of your service to the vehicle upon your request for payment. This allows both parties to trust the service was delivered and reconcile the submitted invoice directly.

Efficient Payment Process

Car IQ's underlying technology is based on a patented machine identity verification "Know Your Machine" (KYM) process, which enables a clear channel for services rendered to be paid for, quickly and efficiently without the need to manually send invoices and collect overdue payments.

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