A large and growing acceptance network

Car IQ is constantly adding new merchants to our acceptance network to meet a wide variety of fleet vehicle expenses.

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Modernizing Fleet Payments

Car IQ Pay connects fleets to fleet services digitally enhancing both the security of the transaction for merchants and service providers while generating unparalleled data that allows merchants to better understand and market to the needs of fleet customers and their drivers.
By eliminating credit card friction from the transaction Car IQ is able to extend the merchant brand experience to the fleet and driver.

Eliminating chargeback risk

Car IQ Pay integrates with fleets existing telematics providers mitigating the risk of fraud and eliminating chargebacks by incorporating vehicle sensor data. We validate delivery of fuel and other service to the vehicle for every transaction. Through this secure, automated validation process, both parties are protected knowing the services were delivered to the correct vehicle.

Contextualizing Transaction Data

Our technology also helps to surface vehicle data that can be used by merchants to understand buyer behavior at an even deeper level. This enables service provide to segment fleets and drivers better meet their needs and create micro-targeted marketing offers.

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