Imagine vehicles independently
paying for their own services

Secure & Trusted Connections

Car IQ is a service and payment gateway for fleets

Car IQ is the first automotive grade payment solution where payments are initiated directly from the vehicle without the use of a credit card

Connect your fleet to payment networks

Car IQ’s dynamic identity management capabilities leverage the complex sensor data present in every vehicle to create a unique “digital vehicle fingerprint.” With this fingerprint, vehicles are able to directly connect to payment networks, validate, and pay for services rendered.

Car IQ gives fleet managers peace of mind by removing credit cards from the transaction as well as reducing fraud in vehicle service and payment workflows. Credit cards are replaced with direct vehicle to bank connections that include service revalidation creating a more secure payment cycle.


Vehicle identification is a problem rooted in the complexity of data

Our breakthrough technology enables data governance at the vehicle level, creating integrity and transparency for the vehicle’s transactions, which significantly reduces the risk of fraud. Car IQ enables vehicles to autonomously transact directly with service providers and payment networks. Vehicles are allowed to independently schedule, pay for and verify services performed. Car IQ’s authorization layer and post-transaction reverification algorithms significantly reduce the risk of fraud by only allowing payment for verified services rendered.