The Easiest Fleet Payment

Car IQ's payment solution makes managing your fleet expenses and payments simple. Our technology eliminates the need for credit cards and enhances current Fleet Management solutions.

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How Car IQ's Payment
Experience Works

Car IQ's technology authenticates and verifies each vehicle in a fleet and enables them to request and pay for goods and services autonomously so you don't need to give drivers a credit card.

The Complete Payment Experience

With our technology, fleet managers can easily onboard vehicles to the platform, set payment rules for vehicle groups, select preferred service providers and set up a funding account. Car IQ makes the payment workflow simple and secure.

Rules Based Payment Management

Do you love rules? So do we. Our dashboard makes it easy to set rules and controls for fleet spending. These rules: geolocation, service type and preferred merchants mitigate risk by creating parameters the vehicle must adhere to in order to transact.

Vehicle Level Ledger and Reporting

Fleet data can be viewed at the fleet level or vehicle level making it simple to monitor spending patterns. All data stays with the individual vehicle ensuring easy management of spending and accrual of all vehicle expenses.

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